I always welcome feedback from my clients. As part of my commitment to continuous improvement, I send voluntary feedback questionnaires once our counselling has come to an end:


When I came to Rosie for therapy I was going through a very difficult time, but Rosie was very friendly and understanding which made me feel like I could open up without being judged. Being able to talk about what had been going on in my life and be listened to lifted a huge part of the burden I had been carrying around and helped me to heal. Rosie was always so supportive of me and provided a lot of insight into the feelings I hadn't been able to untangle on my own, helping me to understand and overcome them. From my therapy I learned to be kinder to myself, and I'm grateful to Rosie for teaching me that.

(Rosie) was very positive, encouraging and supportive. And each week she remembered all the things we had talked about before, even things I had forgotten.

(Rosie) was patient and very engaging to talk to. It helped I had her to talk things through as I went through a difficult time

The main thing I gained from this experience was a greater ability to understand my feelings and what may be lying underneath the surface